Photoblitz Frenzy!!

Try to think of interesting ways to capture the items or convey the ideas in a photo in the fifteen-minute timeframe. Write a blog post about your experience. Describe the place you chose to do this, and why you chose it. What was the experience like? What photos worked for you best? What do you think was the most inventive?


The location I picked for the Photoblitz assignment was my home. I choose it because it has beautiful scenery outside that I know would turn into beautiful pictures and I know where everything is, of course. This assignment was a new way for myself to get creative in critical thinking type of way. I found that my photos were best taken when I had a lot of natural light  and different perspectives (two of the tips!). For example, not all of them being the same angle. The most inventive photo I took was the photo that represents joy. It is simple and normal, however; the photo allowed me to capture a picture of my dog who looked so happy living in her own little world.

How did I do it?

Let me tell you, quickest fifteen minutes of my life.


At first, I had ideas for all the prompts, that is it, ideas. Once I started the time, I quickly realized I could truly only accomplish half of the prompts. I was running here to there trying to take the best pictures that I could. From what I learned from the tips page, I learned that photographers must be picky with what they are photographing. That is exactly what I did. I spent around two minutes per picture. It might not sound like a long time, however; I took each picture multiple times. I tried to think of ways that were creative yet not impossible to accomplish.

Overall, the Photoblitz allowed me to take photos of things that I would not have thought about and I loved this challenge. It was exciting and made me think on my toes. Ready for the next one!


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