Daily Creates? More like One Day Creates… Let’s Be Honest

Task One: Design your own coloring page. 

This task took me approximately 30 minutes. How did I do it? Let me take you on the quest for the color!

First, I had to think. What in the world do I draw? Welp, it came down to some squares and circles. The basics. I got my idea from one of the adult coloring books that I had, you know the ones from Walmart. I saw the complex patterns and quickly realized I was not that talented. I looked around and found a couple things that could come in handy for my drawing. A water bottle, pencil, box of pens and lined paper.

One might ask, why a water bottle? The circles presented on my page are perfectly circular because I used the lid to my water bottle to create them. Are they perfectly placed? Not at all, but I tried. That is what counts! I placed the lip overlapping each circle until I got near the bottom then I only did half circles so the page looked more intricate or something like that. The box of pens is what I used in order to get the straight lines around the edges. It took a couple of tries (five to be exact). Crooked? Bumpy? Looks dumb? Yeah. All happened.

Lined paper?


My biggest secret finally revealed. I put lined paper underneath my picture to make sure my lines were straight and the squares on my picture were as straight and lined up as possible. Were they straight and lined up? Not at all. Thanks, Amy for showing me the tips and tricks of lined paper.

Lastly, a pencil, of course! We all make mistakes right? I know I do especially when it comes drawing.  I enjoyed this dailyCreate because I have never sat down and thought about drawing something that others could potentially color. I like to think of myself as the colorer not coloree.

Task Two: Write a unique tweet in a unique font.

This task I got done quickly. Within five minutes.

All I had to do was go to .com and type in what I wanted as my wording, then pick what font I wanted to use. 

There were many more fonts then the ones above so my hardest decision was trying to choose between all of them. I picked one that was easily readable for people, but makes you turn your phone a little more than usual. Ya know, stretch out those wrists. We all know everyone holds their phone mostly the same way haha.

The easy part was writing my tweet. I am a big lover of animal jokes so it just felt right to use one. The joke I used was the first animal joke I had ever heard which was “What do you call a cow with no legs? Ground beef”. I laughed for a solid ten minutes. I hope you all laughed at it too, but if not it is all dandy like a dandylion.

Task Three: Find a 3D print that represents who you are. 

This task was most defintely my favorite of the week. Cue happy dance.


I went through roughly 30 pictures until I found the perfect one… the mini suitcases (actually treasure chests that look like them). I chose this image because it reminds me of how I am when I am packing for UMW. I pack too much and only use a little bit of what I packed, then I am stuck with bags upon bags for weeks until my parents can come get it. We have all been there, do not lie to yourselves! Every student knows once you forget all about them, you then find something you’ve been looking for and it’s a treasure, well sometimes! I hope there are many more challenges like this one because I got a nice laugh!

See you all back on the blog in a couple days!


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